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Alpine In-Dash CD/MP3
Alpine In-Dash CD/MP3 he multiformat playback capability of this Alpine in-dash receiver lets you play MP3, AAC, and WMA files and widens your music choice.
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Rockford Prime 300 Watt Amplifier
A new generation geared toward the "novice" car audio enthusiast or first time buyer.
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Performance Auto Sound Moses Lake 509-766-0407 Car Alarms

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We’ve all heard our share of car alarms late in the evening just as we’re heading to bed or in the parking lot of the local mall during Black Friday shopping.  We’ve all grown accustomed to the alarm sound that goes off letting everyone know that there might have been a robbery if the car didn’t have the alarm system.  Hearing the alarm go off can be a nuisance to those around it, but for the owner of the car it is added security as those around it can hear the chirping and see the lights flashing!  Having an alarm system is the best theft-deterrent available!  Call Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington to have your new car or truck alarm system installed by our professional team of experts.

Another reason to have a car alarm installed is to quickly alert you of any damage that a car has sustained.  If a window is smashed or cracked, a door nicked, or a bumper dinged, the alarm will go off, alerting you of the damage instantly.  Knowing when the damaged happened will help with insurance claims as well as visually looking or searching for the cause of the damage.  Having a broken window opens the door for thieves to pilfer through the car.  Also, the elements, like rain or snow, can get at the internal upholstery, damaging leather or fabric overnight and leaving mildew or mold!  Having wet upholstery is difficult to remedy and often costs money and time, which causes quite the inconvenience in your daily life.  Installing an alarm will make the damage quickly known and you can avoid having any extra problems with the car if it is attended to quickly.



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At Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington, our experts are trained in preventing the extra anxiety that comes with a car burglary or no-fault accident.  The complete shock and emotional betrayal that comes with the loss of personal electronics, a car stereo, important information, or a vehicle can be devastating.  Finding your car with a window smashed or front light broken can be a horrible event.   Most car burglaries or vehicle damage by strangers go unsolved by police and getting back your possessions can be nearly impossible.  That is why taking preventative measures and installing a remote alarm system is the best way to ensure that your car and the items inside it are safe and kept out of burglars’ hands!

Installing a car alarm puts your mind at ease that one of your largest purchases is safe and secure where you left it parked.  At Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, WA our team of professional alarm experts can help you pick our the proper alarm security system for your car or truck.  We’ll help you chooset the different options so that your car will have the coverage you want and can afford.

Some remote car alarm options that we provide are:

  • Keyless entry
  • Remote starters
  • Two-way remotes
  • Ignition interruption
  • Dual shock sensors
  • Glass sensors


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Performance Auto Sound 509-766-0407 Auto Security


Our trained professional installers at Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington are waiting to help you choose which security options are the best for your make and model of vehicle.  Our experienced team will help you choose the options you need and the options that fit your budget and lifestyle.  We have hearts of teachers and we want to make sure you leave knowing how to use your new car alarm system and all the bells and whistles that come with it!

When it comes to car security, you should not go one more day without it!  Call Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington today to have us install your car security system today.  Let us put your mind at ease.

Performance Auto Sound Moses Lake 509-766-0407 Device Integration

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With today’s technology it is extremely easy to lose every contact you ever had if your phone gets destroyed.  It is easily an issue to get up in the morning if your phone alarm doesn’t go off because your phone is dead.  Also, it is easily a less enjoyable workout at the gym if your music player is missing.  Having all of your essentials in such a small device can be the best advantage of today’s modern society: we never go anywhere without our contacts, photos, or music.  However, most people do not have their beloved device integrated into their car.  Why would anyone not want to have instant access to their music in their car or have their phone contact list reachable by the sound of their voice?  The easy answers are 1) no one told me I could integrated my devices with my car, 2)I couldn’t afford it, 3) I don’t know where to go to get this done.  Number one is an easy fix, as now you know it is a possibility.  Number 2 is not a factor because we provide device integration for all budgets.  Number 3 is the easiest answer: come to Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington!




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Device integration incorporates many devices: ipods, iphones, Droid phones, Blackberry phones, mp3 players, and Bluetooth.  All of these devices can easily be programmed to be utilized in the car.  For instance, when you plug in your ipod after your car has been integrated with it, the car will automatically use the ipod as an audio source and your complete music list will be available in the car.  Likewise, once your phone is connected to your car, you will be able make phone calls via voice instruction.  How amazing would it be to have your complete attention on the road while driving and making a phone call?  How wonderful would it be to know your young driver was using the same method, leaving them safe while driving?  Having your phone integrated with the car also gives you an automatic navigation system, giving you turn by turn instructions on your way home from an unfamiliar place.

Getting your device integrated with your vehicle is the smartest thing to do in this day and age.  The car is programmable by our experienced team to update each time you purchase a new technological device.  Having this in your car makes your car in style with music, navigation, and phone service no matter how old your car is.  We have a team of professionals at Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington, who can install many types of connectivity devices in your car, truck, or SUV.  We have the ability to install your devices to be wireless activated or hard-wired in your cars main cabin.  This allows you to have a video visual of your integrated device.

Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington installs:

  • i-pod integration
  • Blackberry integration
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Droid integration
  • i-phone integration
  • Smart phone integration


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Bluetooth technology allows for two technologies to communicate with each other.  By integrating this wireless functionality into your car stereo, you can hear callers’ voices over your speakers in your car, see incoming call information on your stereo’s display (Performance Auto Sound installs video systems), and make or receive phone calls without touching your phone by using voice activation…keeping your hands on the wheel where they belong.  Most importantly, you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while talking to callers.  At Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington, we take first priority in making your car technology adaptable!


Performance Auto Sound Moses Lake 509-766-0407 Keyless Entry System

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There is nothing worse than walking up to your car with heavy bags full of groceries all piled to perfection in your hand and having to look for your key in your pocket or bag.  Jiggling the key around the door leaves scratches and marks that aren’t cheaply fixed and leave unsightly cobwebs around the keyhole.  This can be avoided easily by having a keyless entry system.  Keyless entry allows you to unlock your car at the push of a button.  Even the truck can be opened with this ingenious device and Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington can install it for you today.  Why not make your life easier with the installation of a keyless entry system in your car, today?

A keyless entry system can also be easily integrated with a remote car starter, which brings you even less stress in your life.  All you need to do is lightly tap the engine start button and the car engine (and heating system) will warm up together, leaving you extra time to drink a cup of coffee in the morning or read the paper while your car warms up.  A remote car starter is also a great thing to have at the end of a long day at work or after a light snow coats the car.  With the car all warmed up, you can put your car in drive as soon as you get in because the windshield will be nice and ice-free.  A remote car starter, while great for drivers, also helps a car over its lifetime.  Driving a car while the engine is cold creates wear on the engine, which can make the engine weak and in need of repair quickly.  Driving a warm engine, on the other hand, is extremely good for the engine and makes it last longer because the oil is hot and flowing through the engine smoothly.



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With your installed keyless entry system you can:

  • lock your car from a distance
  • unlock the driver side from a distance
  • unlock your passengers doors from a distance
  • unlock your trunk from a distance

Another benefit to owning a car remote starter is that it can be fitted with two other options for your car: keyless entry and keyless security.  The key fob containing the remote starter can be fitted to have a keyless entry button as well.  This button can unlock your driver door, unlock the passenger doors, and unlock the trunk of the car.  There can also be a locking door button on the key fob, which has the option of locking the driver side door and the passenger doors.  When each of the buttons is pressed, a chirping sound will emit from the car, letting you know if the car is securely locked.




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At Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake, Washington we use the most technologically advanced keyless entry systems.  Our team would love to help you through all of the features available with your installed keyless entry system.  If you have a smart phone, we can discuss installing the system to work through your phone, so you are never without your “keys” again.  Droid phones, iphones, and other smart phones can be compatible with a remote car system, too.  Call us today and we can discuss the possibilities with you.  We can even test your keyless entry system with you to make sure all of your questions and concerns are met with security and complete comfort. Customer service is extremely important to us and we want our customers to feel like family.  There is no task too big or small for us and we treat each customer and their vehicle as equals.


Performance Auto Sound Moses Lake 509-766-0407 Our Services

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Performance Auto Sound is Moses Lake’s number one store for all your electronic automobile needs.  Our location offers the largest variety of stock in car audio sound systems, video systems, navigation systems, remote car starters, heated seats, car alarms, back up cameras, and device integration.  Our professional team of installers are the best in the business and listen to your wants and needs to provide you with exactly what you need for your car, truck, or boat.

Our team has the heart of a teacher and we want you to understand your newly installed electronic.  You’ll leave completely satisfied that you received the best care and best quality services around. We carry a variety of the best products on the market for your vehicles needs.  If you need to update your electronic car integration to include your newest phone or music player, call us for a quick installment.  We can make your car up-do-date with all the newest technology available on the market.  With a new navigation system, you’ll never get lost.  With a new remote car starter, you’ll never be cold.  With a new car alarm system, you’ll never experience the sorrow of a theft.  Call Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake to get it all today!



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We offer the most reliable brands that you’ve come to know and love, including:

  • A-Trends
  • Alpine
  • Audiovox
  • Clarion
  • Concept
  • Escort
  • Focal
  • Hertz
  • Hushmat
  • Ixos
  • Jensen
  • JL Audio
  • JVC
  • Kenwood
  • Kinetik
  • MTX
  • Pioneer
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Soundquest
  • Sirius XM
  • Viper
  • And MORE!

Our professional installers not only are the best in quality service, but also prepare the installment procedure and complete the installment in a timely manner, getting you on your way quicker.  If you need a new navigation system placed in your car or want to surprise your honey with new heated seats, think of Performance Auto Sound in Moses Lake! Do you own a boat?  Our team can install a stereo for your boat, catamaran, or scooner.  Our boat stereo systems are waterproof, so you needn’t worry about the sound quality dulling over time.  We also install video systems, making your boat the center of attention while on the water!  You can host your own BBQ party with movie on the water.  You’ll never need a party venue again once your make your boat a party away from home. We serve Moses Lake, WA


car truck audio system, auto subwoofer, rear deck audio speakers, amplifier, premium sound system, mobile audio, car audio accessories, car amplifiers, auto speakers, auto stereo systemOur services include:

  • Remote Car Starter Installation
  • Car Alarm Installation
  • Heated Seat Installation
  • Device Integration Installation
  • Navigation System Installation
  • Keyless Entry System Installation
  • Marine Audio and Video Installation
  • Car Audio and Video Installation